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Trampolining – is an Olympic type of sport the essence of which is to perform acrobatic exercises during high, continuous, and rhythmic trampoline jumps. In professional trampolining, there are 4 disciplines such as individual jumps, tumbling track, synchronized jumps, and double mini-trampoline.


History of Trampolining

Trampolining originates from circus performances during which the acrobats carried out flips and other acrobatic stunts on the trampolines. Later, French pilots started using the trampolines to train the vestibular system.

After World War II, trampolining jumped over the ocean and got to America. The Americans used trampolining to train astronauts.

Trampolining began to be considered a sport only in the early 60s. The first national championship was held in England in 1958, and the first world championship took place in 1964. In 1997, trampolining was included in the program of the Olympic Games.

Individual Jumps

Individual trampoline jumps presuppose completing the exercises each of which consists of 10 elements. The order performing these elements is determined by the gymnast himself. There exist the following performance requirements:

  • acrobatic elements must be performed during high and rhythmic jumps;
  • the elements must be diverse;
  • the exercises must be performed with good coordination and with maintaining the height of the jumps.

individual jumps

Tumbling Track

This discipline is characterized by performing fast and rhythmic successive acrobatic jumps from hands to feet, from feet to hands, and right from feet to feet within approximately 6 seconds on the 25-meter long tumbling track with a touchdown on the mat.

tubmling track

Synchronized Jumps

Synchronized jumps are carried out in pairs, the participants of which must perform similar elements at the same time. During the performance, athletes must realize one mandatory and one arbitrary exercise.

synchronized jumps

Double Mini-trampoline

Double mini-trampoline is one of the disciplines of trampolining, the essence of which is to perform a swoop on the sports equipment and then carry out an element on it, followed by an element with a touchdown on the mat.

double mini-trampoline


Trampolines consist of tightly woven mesh which is stretched on a metal frame with the help of rubber or metal springs. Usually, they are made of super tough materials (galvanized steel for the frame and springs, elastic mesh made of a cord with a diameter of 5 mm) and have a large jump surface. For the safety of jumping, space next to the trampoline is equipped with a special safety foam rubber pit.


Thanks to their design, trampolines facilitate strong high jumps.

Trampolining jumpers Outfit

The outfit of trampoline jumpers includes the following:

  • gymnastic pants of non-dark colors for men, and a swimsuit (with or without sleeves), tight overalls or tights for women;
  • special trampoline slippers.

Athletes from the same team must be dressed in a similar way. There must be the emblem of the region, city or club on the uniform of its participants.


The referee's board includes:

  • the chairman of the referee board;
  • referees specialized in technology (3-5 people);
  • flight duration referee (only in individual competitions);
  • complexity referee;
  • synchronization referees (1-3 people);
  • referee board chairman’s assistant (for synchronized performances).

refereeing in trampolining

Trampolining Competitions

The Olympic Games are the most prestigious international trampolining competition. This sports event is held once every four years.

The Trampoline Gymnastics World Championship is the second most prestigious international championship. It is held annually (except for the year in which the Olympic Games take place).

European Trampoline Championships is a competition of European national teams, held by the European Union of Gymnastics.


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