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BMX (Bicycle Moto eXtreme) is a type of cycling, where athletes perform various extreme tricks on special bikes, which are characterized with small size (wheel diameter is only 20 inches), frame design (center of gravity is more strongly shifted to the rear wheel) and low saddle position. Such a frame design makes the bicycle more stable: it is designed for going through tracks with elevation and performing tricks.

The history of the BMX

Supposedly, the history of BMX dates back to the 60s of the twentieth century in the United States, when teenagers, impersonating their idols from motocross, ran on bicycles around improvised tracks, wearing motorcycle gear. This is how from a simple child's play, BMX has turned into a real extreme sport.

history of BMX

In April 1981, the International Bicycle Motocross Federation (IBMXF) was founded. A year later, the first championship was held under its aegis, the winner of which was an American sportsman Greg Hill.

In January 1993, BMX was included in the International Cycling Union (UCI).

BMX was first introduced at the Olympic Games in 2008 in Beijing, China. Men's and women's competitions started being held at the same time. The first Olympic champions were Māris Štrombergs (Latvia) and Anna-Carolina Chausson (France).

BMX disciplines

Racing (BMX Racing) is a kind of competition for the fastest going through the track. Sportsmen start from a height of up to 4 meters and for 8 people in one race. The track itself consists of four straight and three-track curves, and the sportsmen face various obstacles (hills, steps, waves, etc.) along the entire track length.

BMX Racing

Flatland is a kind of competition, which consists in performing various tricks on a flat surface.


Bmx-vert is a kind of competition, in which sportsmen compete in performing tricks on a special U-shaped ramp.


Bmx-dirt is a kind of competition, in which sportsmen compete in performing tricks on a special dirt track with high hills.


Bmx-street is a kind of competition, in which sportsmen compete in performing tricks in an urban setting with obstacles specific for the city (ladders, parapets, and others).


Equipment and inventory

  • A helmet for BMX is a mandatory attribute and can be of two types: a helmet, as for motocross; and a "bowl"-type helmet, which is shaped like a bowl. The first has a better protection level but is bulkier.
  • BMX jersey should be free. Sleeve length is subject to a particular discipline.
  • BMX pants are made from the high-tensile material. The use of overalls is prohibited.
  • Closed gloves.
  • BMX Bicycle is a bicycle with a low frame, wheels with a diameter of 20 or 24 inches, without shifters. The choice of a particular model depends on the style of riding.

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